If you have ever wanted to instantly block a line of sight through a glass partition in an emergency, you need to see this solution from Modernfold

by Brianna Crandall — August 13, 2018 — Building on a successful line of high-design glass wall systems with outstanding sound-control technology, Modernfold, a provider of products that enable optimal space utilization, including movable walls, for 93 years, has just introduced the Acousti-Clear Protector Series Line-of-Sight Deployment System. This new safety system, an addition to the Acousti-Clear Motorized offering, combines sleek aesthetics and effective sound-control technology with important new protective capabilities for schools and other public spaces.

Two classrooms separated by a glass wall partition

Equipped with the new system, Acousti-Clear Motorized installations can eliminate all sightlines at the push of a button, promptly setting partition blinds in the closed position. Image courtesy Modernfold

As concerns grow over occupant safety in many kinds of public facilities, inventive and effective new solutions are welcome in the marketplace. Many facilities benefit from the contemporary look, highly desirable daylighting advantages, and 45 STC sound control offered by Acoustic-Clear’s movable wall systems, which provide a flexible way to structure and restructure interior spaces.

Lines of sight throughout entire facilities, however, can be a concern in certain situations. Alleviating such concerns is the purpose of the first entry in Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear Protector Series.

Equipped with the new Line-of-Sight Deployment System, Acousti-Clear Motorized installations can eliminate all sightlines at the push of a button, a capability that could provide crucial protection to occupants in emergency situations. The safety system with its motorized blinds promptly sets partition blinds in the closed position, while disabling the closure method and seal operation to effectively secure the partition.

Emergency deployment of the blinds can be carried out in either of two ways:

  • For point-of-location emergency deployment, blinds in a given partition can be deployed from within the same room, using a button that can be placed anywhere in the room away from the standard key switch and blind control. In a classroom, for example, the Protector Series button could be located behind the teacher’s desk and activated to control the partition in that room should an emergency arise.
  • In emergency situations calling for overall command of the Acousti-Clear Protector Series Line-of-Sight Deployment System, blinds in all partitions facility-wide can be deployed by one main button located anywhere in the building.

Further Acousti-Clear Protector Series safety systems are planned to provide protective features that can greatly increase safety and functionality. Modernfold engineering is actively pursuing additional specifiable safety features to extend this series in the future.

For more information, visit the Modernfold website. Modernfold became part of the global dormakaba Group in 2015.