Brighten up your office space and reduce glare by replacing outdated fluorescent lighting with this honeycomb-shaped LED fixture

by Brianna Crandall — May 17, 2019 — Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments is launching its new Vaeder LED fixture in North America. Modern, streamlined design coupled with more natural honeycomb details make this innovative product a fit to replace traditional fluorescent box fixtures and brighten any workspace, from an energy-efficient, ergonomic office environment to a sleek home office, says the company.

Modular Lighting Instruments' honeycomb-shaped Vaeder LED fixture

With its distinctive honeycomb structure and wafer-thin diffuser, the Vaeder LED fixture brightens up offices and reduces glare. Image courtesy Modular Lighting Instruments

Created by Belgian industrial designer Gerd Couckhuyt, Vaeder is defined through a distinctive honeycomb structure in combination with a wafer-thin diffuser, which helps to reduce glare. The combs themselves are slightly more rounded in form, and have been deepened to create a lower glare ratio. The hexagonal sides have been reshaped so that they connect seamlessly to the outer shell, while remaining recognizable.

The futuristic-looking Vaeder is available as a pendant or surface mounted at a distance of 6mm from the ceiling, which gives Vaeder a lighter and more floating aspect.

Product specs include:

  • Surface-mounted or pendant
  • Outer shell in a white, black or donkey grey structure
  • Honeycomb in black or white
  • Available in 3000K

For more information and background on Vaeder, visit the Modular Lighting Instruments website.