Find out how this ANSI-approved coping system can help protect your roof from wind and water, without needing caulks or sealants

by Brianna Crandall — May 2, 2018 — OMG Roofing Products, manufacturer of commercial products engineered to enhance roof system performance, has introduced a new and improved, higher performing PermaSnap Coping line. PermaSnap products can be installed on parapet walls from 4 to 32 inches wide.

Red-covered roof coping system

The high-performing PermaSnap and PermaSnap Plus roof coping products offer “superb” wind performance and eliminate the need for caulks or sealants. Image courtesy OMG

The redesigned PermaSnap and PermaSnap Plus roof coping products are tested and approved to ANSI/SPRI/FM4435/ES-1 Test Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roofing Systems, and feature a dual hook profile for “superb” wind performance and a clean surface look.

Patrick O’Connor, edge product manager at OMG Roofing, remarked:

We are very pleased with the performance of the updated PermaSnap line. PermaSnap has FM ratings of up to 1-105 for parapet walls up to 24-inches wide, and PermaSnap Plus has ratings to FM 1-120 for parapet walls up to 32-inches wide, making PermaSnap one of the highest rated coping systems on the market today.

The “FM APPROVED” mark, recognized worldwide, is said to certify a tested roof assembly that customers can trust to perform under the toughest conditions, “not simply a collection of products and parts that may or may not perform as expected.” The third-party international certification organization tests property loss prevention products and services for use in commercial and industrial facilities.

The three-piece PermaSnap System includes self-locating, pre-punched clips with pre-attached springs for high static engagement, concealed splice plates and a snap-on cover. Concealed splices are designed with internal drainage channels that direct water back onto the roof and eliminate the need for caulks or sealants, says OMG.

The snap-on cover accommodates building expansion and contraction to prevent oil-canning and does not require crimping or additional field fabrication, adds the company. In addition, PermaSnap is available with a full assortment of matching corners, end-caps and other accessories for every roof configuration including radius curves.

PermaSnap Coping is available in a wide range of Kynar500 colors and finishes to match any building design, and comes with a standard 20-year Excel Warranty for wind speeds up to 110 mph. The heavier duty PermaSnap Plus comes with a 25-year, 155 mph, Category 5 wind warranty.

For more information on PermaSnap Coping, visit the OMG website.