If you plan to be managing multiple projects, One Spot may be the solution for you

by Brianna Crandall — March 26, 2018 — Twin Cities-based software start-up One Spot recently introduced its new property management software platform to the commercial real estate community at the annual Building Owners and Managers Association’s (BOMA) Minneapolis Resource Fair.

The One Spot property management platform is designed to streamline tasks and improve efficiency for facilities and property management teams. The platform, was created to fill an important market gap in the property management technology space as identified by the cofounders based on decades of experience in the field across a wide portfolio of properties, and through extensive user research in the past 24 months.

Screenshot of property management software

OneSpot’s interactive mapping system provides an immediate sense of where assets/needed repairs are located on your property. Courtesy OneSpot

Committed to a user-centered design process, the One Spot team utilized customer feedback from a series of pilot programs throughout 2017 to drive the development and functionality of the software. The team believes this approach will lead to faster adoption and implementation and a more valuable end product. Ultimately, One Spot is expected to increase the effectiveness of planning, budgeting and team collaboration on daily jobs for commercial facilities and property management teams.

One Spot CEO Keith Pelatowski explained:

Every single day across the globe, property and facility management teams face the challenge of completing their work on time, on budget and with 100% accuracy. Managing a portfolio of properties, particularly across a wide geography, can be time-consuming and inefficient. Our technology will bring property management teams together, in collaboration, and allow property owners and managers to eliminate wasted time and empower them to focus on the completion of projects, with real-time transparency.

The OneSpot platform is designed to help those who find themselves struggling to juggle the management of all the property repairs by location, bids, expenses, contractors, and being pulled from other duties to verify all the work on multiple properties at once. The mobile and online platform enables facilities managers (FMs) and property managers (PMs) to manage the properties in real-time, without having to actually be at those properties, thereby saving time in the field.

 With OneSpot, all projects are organized in one convenient spot with real-time status, including which contractors are working on the various projects. It provides documented workflows, geo-location information for projects, and a 360° viewpoint of all the properties involved, on your phone and at your desk. This enables FMs and PMs to quickly communicate the project status with their team, and affords faster and easier budgeting and bidding

 The tool was created to make the workday as efficient as possible. OneSpot does not require getting rid of a legacy system; it simply complements and makes your existing systems more efficient, says the company.

Jim Humphrey of Twin Cities Leasing & Property Management, a participant in the 2017 pilot program, commented:

One Spot helps property managers organize all of their projects in a single location, collaborate effectively with their team, and provide them with the data they need to make critical decisions. By eliminating the busy work that plagues PMs (property managers) on a daily basis and impacting the bottom line, One Spot delivers a value proposition that is compelling for any company regardless of the technology currently in place.

To learn more about the One Spot platform, visit the company’s Web site.