Need help finding the right balance in allocating conference room space? This Osram/Rifiniti IoT solution measures actual space used

by Brianna Crandall — October 26, 2018 — Osram, a Munich-based global high-tech lighting company, is teaming up with Rifiniti, a provider of workplace analytics software, to offer smart building IoT solutions (Internet of Things) to the commercial real estate (CRE) industry that are engineered to improve operational efficiencies, occupant comfort and the bottom line. The solutions offer guidance for major real estate decisions such as capacity planning and conference room rationalization, and combine rich data based on the smart lighting technology infrastructure by Osram with powerful workplace analytics software by Rifiniti.

As part of the partnership, Osram will offer Rifiniti Optimo software as a solution (SaaS) to Encelium Extend light management system end customers.

The companies say that Osram’s luminaire components and light management systems create an ideal infrastructure for collecting data that enables Rifiniti’s space optimization applications. They point out that lighting is ubiquitous and offers granular coverage across all spaces, including conference rooms and individual offices, in contrast to other data options that are limited to zones. By teaming up, the partners are able to offer facilities operations teams efficient and effective lighting and data analytics solutions to meet current and future needs.

Osram sensors, including the new SensiLUM wireless sensor embedded in luminaires, serve as ideal data nodes on a smart lighting network such as the Encelium Extend Light Management System (LMS) by Osram. Lighting and environmental data is collected from these nodes and stored on Osram’s new cloud platform, Lightelligence, and accessed via an API by third-party analytics software developers offering SaaS for smart building applications beyond lighting.

Rifiniti’s Optimo SaaS artificial intelligence (AI)-powered workplace analytics software solutions provide actionable insights that help executives make confident decisions on capacity planning and conference room rationalization, enabling businesses to optimize commercial office space and boost efficiency while providing employees with flexible, modern workplaces. Optimo assists clients in migrating from the historically time-consuming and often error-prone manual data gathering and analysis required for workplace optimization metrics, such as employee attendance and real estate total cost of occupancy (TCO).

The partnership with Rifiniti further demonstrates Osram’s commitment to a growing ecosystem that is embracing the digitalization of commercial space with software applications that reduce costs and provide value to end customers.

For more information about the companies’ IoT solutions, visit their respective websites. Also check out Osram’s Digital Systems Blog.