Need synchronized clocks that also transmit messages and critical alerts? Check out this Primex solution

by Brianna Crandall — October 28, 2019 — Facility monitoring and clock synchronization systems provider Primex recently announced the release of OneVue Notify, the company’s visual messaging and critical alert solution. An easy-to-use tool for education and health systems, as well as businesses, OneVue’s integrated platform allows administrators and executives to synchronize their critical communications and get messages out quickly in an emergency.

Primex OneVue Notify system with message boards

OneVue Notify’s integrated platform allows administrators and executives to synchronize their critical communications and get messages out quickly in an emergency (education application shown). Image courtesy Primex

Using an expandable ecosystem of message boards, transmitters and cloud-based software, OneVue sends important alerts both visually and audibly.

Paul Shekoski, Primex CEO, stated:

With our start in timekeeping, Primex has a proud history of developing innovative information synchronization and communication technologies. Without overcomplicating processes for already time-stretched staff, OneVue Notify allows users to centralize communications and notify people quickly.

As an integrated platform, OneVue synchronizes clocks and InfoBoards (which come in three sizes: large, medium, and mini) across a building or an entire campus. The 72MHz transmitter technology allows signals to penetrate further, up to one-half mile, with limited to no interference through the FCC licensing process. OneVue can also be integrated with existing communication tools, including public address (PA), paging and other messaging systems.

In addition, customers using previous versions of the transmitter can upgrade to a new OneVue Sync transmitter to take full advantage of the message boards while continuing to use their existing clocks. OneVue software simplifies the management process and allows users to operate the system from any device with a web browser, and access real data in real time through customized reporting capabilities.

The OneVue ecosystem works in a wide range of settings, from smaller K-12 school districts to large universities, hospital systems and businesses of all sizes. The platform can be used to send alerts in a variety of emergencies, including extreme weather events, fires and active shooter situations. It can also communicate day-to-day messages related to schedule reminders and special events. The PrimexEVENT Bell Controller utilizes the power of an existing PA system to trigger standard or custom ring patterns.

Art Mahanna, product manager for Primex, remarked:

We understand our customers have a variety of needs and different levels of existing communication tools. Whether they want to get a stand-alone safety platform up and running quickly, or are adding enhanced visual display capabilities to their current system, OneVue is a completely customizable solution.

For more information about OneVue Notify InfoBoards, visit the Primex website. The company provides solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce risk for enterprise organizations in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and government vertical markets. Primex delivers platforms that utilize a facility’s existing network infrastructure to automate, monitor, document and report essential activities performed by the FM staff including time synchronization, and environmental, temperature and event monitoring.