Now you can even use the IoT to monitor mousetraps, with Rentokil Steritech’s new PestConnect system

by Brianna Crandall — April 2, 2018 — From home to work to the car, connected devices are revolutionizing the way that humans live and work, notes pest control provider Rentokil Steritech. Now, businesses concerned with pest pressures can take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to proactively monitor interior rodent activity with Rentokil Steritech’s  PestConnect system.

PestConnect, said to be the first product of its type on the market, is a proprietary system that utilizes infrared sensors on rodent traps to monitor mouse activity on a premises 24/7/365. In addition to monitoring, PestConnect allows for the immediate capture, containment, and notification of mice incidents as they arise. This effective and focused solution provides for a more risk-based response to incidents, minimizing contamination risks.

Metal mousetrap with sensor

PestConnect utilizes infrared sensors on mousetraps to monitor rodent activity on a premises 24/7/365.

As one of North America’s leading pest management companies serving commercial customers, Rentokil Steritech developed PestConnect to meet the ever-growing demands on businesses in highly regulated industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, health care, logistics and warehousing, food retail, and hospitality facilities.

The goal of PestConnect is to monitor and log issues in real time, resulting in shortened response time to rodent activity and enhancing compliance with regulations and standards.  Additionally, PestConnect also helps clients to mitigate potential issues before they have an impact on the bottom line through preventing potential damage to products and structures, contamination to food products or sensitive environments, or costly clean-up expenses that can result from unchecked pest issues.

The system complements any pest control program focused on audit and regulatory compliance, helping those businesses facing rigid standards and regulations to develop even more laser-focused risk-based pest management programs.

Leading with innovation, PestConnect is one of the many outputs from the Power Centre, Rentokil’s Global Innovation Center located in the UK, which pioneers revolutionizing technology focused on uncovering the latest breakthroughs in pest management.

PestConnect follows the Global Innovation Center’s previous release of Rentokil Steritech’s PestNetOnline, an online data management system that enables customers to view interactive site maps; create customized charts and reports to help them identify risks and behavioral trends for compliance audits; review documentation and more.

John Myers, CEO of Rentokil Steritech, stated:

The integration of PestConnect with PestNetOnline strengthens our Internet-of-things-based solution for commercial pest control customers. Knowing the exact time and location of pest activity allows us to better identify patterns associated with that activity and adjust our pest management protocols to offer enhanced proactive solutions for our customers.

To learn more about PestConnect and how it can work in your facility, visit the Rentokil Steritech Web site.

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