See what may beat out mops and wet-vacs to clean up spills, leaks and flooding

by Brianna Crandall — July 19, 2017 — Wic-Dry Technologies recently introduced a high-tech spill cleanup tool the company says is changing the way that spills, leaks and flooded areas are cleaned up.

Spills can happen in offices, healthcare facilities, laboratories, public facilities, grocery stores, restaurants — anywhere that customers, patients or employees come in contact with any type of liquid. Spills can cause slips and falls or cross-contamination, which can result in injury, property damage, disruption of business, and potentially even costly lawsuits.

In addition to accidental spills, leaks and flooded areas from broken pipes, toilet overflows, busted fountains, cracked aquatic tanks, rusted water heaters, defrosted refrigerators or sewer back-ups can occur at any time. They are costly and messy, and must be cleaned up quickly to avoid further property damage and to minimize work disruption.

Traditional methods of using a string mop and bucket or wet-vac to clean-up spills and flooded areas can sometimes cause more harm than good, points out the company, as the spill area can get spread out and create an even greater hazard and contamination area.

To combat this issue, Wic-Dry Technologies has developed what it says is a safer, faster and more effective technology designed to evacuate all types of liquid spills, including higher-viscosity substances such as shampoos, motor oil and paints, and to do so in seconds (not minutes). The Spill Master spill cleanup tool evacuates liquids using a unique Wic‑Dry Technology (WDT) process and stores spills in a self-contained reservoir that can dispose of liquids safely, so there is no spread of the hazard or cross-contamination of the spill substance.

Spill Master spill cleanup tool

Spill Master is said to be changing the way that spills, leaks and flooded areas are cleaned up.

This is critical for businesses where spills involve toxins or biohazard-type liquids, says the company. Cleaning up messy spills quickly and in a non‑disruptive manner is also important to retailers and restaurants where spills can mean lost business and can pose a risk to customers.

Developed out of the need to clean up blood and other bodily fluids in a surgical setting, the Wic-Dry Technology of the Spill Master (and Spill Master Pro) has even created a new device category for liquid evacuation: “Wic-Vacs” (not to be confused with Wet-Vacs), says the company.

Mark Hearsh, Esq., director of Marketing and Sales and the company’s general counsel, sees the Spill Master as the spill removal tool for the 21st century that will dramatically reduce the cost businesses pay out each year on liability insurance premiums, liability claims, Workers Comp claims, and lost work days due to costly injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. He further states that the Spill Master Wic-Vac is a market disrupter, changing how the World cleans up spills. No more need to bring out a dirty mop and bucket or waste tons of paper towels, says Hearsh.

Manufactured in the USA, the Spill Master has several inventive attachments to evacuate wet areas. The spill cleanup tool is built to commercial standards and can run continuously for up to 2 hours on a single charge, says the company. It is lightweight (6.5 lbs.) for easy portability, quiet (33dBA), and self-sanitizes to keep the unit clean and ready for use at all times.

To learn more about the Spill Master and to view videos of the tool in action, visit the Wic-Dry Technologies Web site.