Simultaneously clean and polish your uncoated high-traffic floors with these chemical-free, diamond-embedded pads

by Brianna Crandall — November 20, 2017 — Twister Group recently presented its latest innovation — a new floor-cleaning pad specifically designed to keep uncoated floors in high-traffic areas clean and shiny, without chemicals.

Pink floor-cleaning pad

Embedded with microscopic diamonds that clean and polish at the same time, the Twister Pink floor-cleaning pad saves cleaning chemicals in demanding environments.

Twister Pink completes the High Traffic family of Twister floor-cleaning pads, which now consists of Twister Pink (for uncoated floors with an extra demand for high gloss in high-traffic areas), Twister Blue (for uncoated floors in high-traffic areas), and Twister Orange (for homogenous ceramic tiles). The company’s pads also include Twister Purple (for coated floors, soft floor finishes, and non-homogenous ceramic tiles) and Twister Green (for all floors).

The Twister pads come in all sizes and are designed to fit all cleaning machines on the market, meaning no need to invest in new cleaning machines or new routines, points out the company.

This High Traffic family presents a chemical-free solution for floor cleaning in demanding environments. Embedded with microscopic diamonds that clean and polish at the same time, the pads are engineered to restore the cleanliness and shine of uncoated floors that is lost throughout the day, whether the wear comes from high traffic in a retail environment or from forklift traffic on an industrial floor.

According to the company, with Twister Pink users will notice:

  • Up to 30% higher gloss in high-demanding areas with heavy traffic compared to other daily floor-cleaning pads;
  • Prolonged lifespan of both pad and floor compared to traditional, chemical-based methods; and
  • Accelerated results achieving cleanliness and gloss in high-traffic areas.

The chemical-free solution is said to create a safer work environment for cleaning professionals and occupants, and to reduce environmental impact as well as cleaning costs. For every Twister Pink floor-cleaning pad used in cleaning, an average of 20 liters (5.3 gallons) of chemicals are saved, claims the company.

Twister Pink was launched worldwide at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America show in Las Vegas. For more information about Twister Pink and the company’s other floor-cleaning pads, visit the Twister Web site.