Choosing the right IWMS for lease compliance and strategic space management — insights from Verdantix

by Brianna Crandall — May 08, 2019 — Six IWMS vendors — ARCHIBUS, FM:Systems, IBM, Spacewell, Planon and Trimble — lead the market for integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) but face strong competition in this rapidly evolving market where every vendor is raising its investments and ambition levels, according to independent research firm Verdantix. The firm assessed the capabilities of the 16 most prominent vendor solutions available on the market on their ability to meet customer demands to centralize data and drive operational excellence.

Susan Clarke, principal analyst, Verdantix, commented:

This detailed benchmark highlights that the market for IWMS solutions is currently thriving. 2018 was one of the hottest years for new IWMS implementations, boosted by buyer interest in modules for lease compliance and strategic space management. As a result of this demand, we’re seeing IWMS vendors making significant investments into product development and deepening the functionality of their platform.

The Verdantix Green Quadrant Integrated Workplace Management Systems 2019 is touted as the only independent benchmark of IWMS vendors available on the market. The study findings are based on a 165-point questionnaire, live product demonstrations, and a survey of 303 customers.

Key findings:

  • Quality of mobile apps is now a top factor influencing purchase decisions as users extend their touchpoints with IWMS beyond the desktop. Vendors with high-quality mobile apps include FSI, iOFFICE, Spacewell and Planon.
  • Accruent, FM:Systems and Rapal stand out in the space management market by offering buyers innovative solutions that help them combat rising rents.
  • ARCHIBUS, Tango and Trimble differentiate themselves by providing customers with advanced business intelligence reporting tools to help customers identify inefficiencies across multi-site building portfolios.
  • IWMS vendors including IBM and Spacewell are at the forefront of innovation in workplace digital assistants. They already offer tools so that workplace users can make voice-activated requests to locate workstations and request services.

Rodolphe d’Arjuzon, managing director, Verdantix, remarked:

The fight is very much on between vendors offering highly customizable on-premise or hosted products, and vendors that focus on providing SaaS solutions that are faster and easier to implement. IWMS vendors across the board need to keep investing in their technology platform and customer retention strategies to capture a greater share of the software market which is expected to grow to $7.4 billion in 2022.

To find out more, purchase the Green Quadrant Integrated Workplace Management Systems 2019 report from the Verdantix website, or access the recording of the Verdantix webinar Selecting The Right IWMS Solution: Product Benchmark Insights from April 11.

For more FM-specific information on ARCHIBUS product offerings, see the company’s FMLink page. Demonstrating the extended reach of many IWMS vendors, ARCHIBUS applications include real estate portfolio management, capital project management, space planning and management, building operations, workplace services, asset management, and environmental and risk management, with additional extensions available.

Trimble has a white paper on FMLink, describing how FM can influence corporate strategy in 2019 and beyond.