Get step-by-step instructions on how to maintain and repair valves in your fire sprinkler systems, with this video series and app from Viking

by Brianna Crandall — August 27, 2018 — The Viking Corporation, a US-based manufacturer of fire protection products and systems used around the world, launched a series of videos as well as a mobile application this summer drawing on the company’s nearly 100 years of experience to give technical support for maintaining and repairing the company’s fire sprinkler systems.

Video series

Viking produced a set of 31 videos, each providing step-by-step instructions for maintaining and repairing specific Viking valves and related system devices.  Service technicians and maintenance professionals can now follow Shaun Kramer, Viking’s manager of Technical Support, as he delivers hands-on instructions for inspecting, repairing or replacing key components of Viking’s valves and devices.

The entire series can be viewed on Viking’s web site and the Viking YouTube Channel. Additionally, customers can access many of the videos through Viking’s new mobile app for wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems, which is now available to download for Apple and Android devices (see below).

According to James Lake, vice president of Training and Technical Services for Viking:

We know time is crucial to service professionals in the field.  While Viking technical assistance is always a phone call or email away, we feel these videos will be very effective in helping our customers get the information they need when the need it, saving valuable time in the field.

Mobile app

Viking also announced the launch of a new mobile app to provide technical assistance to those who install, maintain and repair the company’s wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems.

The Valve & System Support App, which Viking says is the first of its kind in the industry, acts like a virtual assistant, providing instant access to technical data, instructional videos, system maintenance and repair instructions, and replacement parts directly from a phone or tablet.

The app provides a full suite of resources for maintenance of Viking’s line of Wet and Dry Valve systems via an intuitive, step-by-step diagnostic process. Users can select common maintenance and repair operations and walk though simple prompts to keep their fire protection systems in top working order.

The app also provides access to instructional maintenance and repair videos, technical datasheets and manuals. Sprinkler contractors can request spare parts directly from the app.

Features of the mobile app include the following:

  • Step-by-step walkthroughs for common valve system maintenance operations
  • Frequently asked questions and common part replacements
  • Quick access to technical datasheets, product manuals, and the new service and repair videos (see above)
  • “Get Help” feature to contact Viking Technical Services
  • Find a Viking SupplyNet distribution or fabrication facility
  • Support for the following Viking systems:
    • Model F Dry Valve
    • Model G Dry Valve
    • Model J-1 Alarm Check Valve
    • EasyRiser Check Valve
    • EasyPac Riser Assembly
  • Additional systems, including deluge and preaction, will be added in future releases.

The new Viking Valve & System Support App is available now for both Android and iOS on Google Play and the Apple Store.