If you need to speed up your visitor sign-in, check out this time-saving touchscreen kiosk

by Brianna Crandall — October 29, 2018 — Visitor Pass Solutions has launched a time-saving Kiosk version of its simple-to-use visitor management software, eVisitorPass. The touchscreen application enables visitors to check themselves into an organization’s building and then pick up their badges from an administrator at the front desk.

Badge printer, tabletop touchscreen, driver's license reader

The time-saving visitor management kiosk can ease congestion in your lobby and reduce labor costs. (Shown: tabletop package) Image courtesy VPS

According to the VPS website, the original eVisitorPass is an electronic visitor management system that makes it easy for facilities to log, identify, track, and run reports on visitors. It lets users design I.D. badges with their company’s logo for all kinds of visitors, including vendors, contractors, temporary employees, volunteers, parents, substitute teachers and more.

The fabric-friendly labels are designed to stay on without harm to clothing. A popular direct thermal printer and a supply of labels are included with the basic system.

In regards to the new Kiosk version, VPS President Brian Gallagher remarked:

This new solution provides fast and accurate self-registration. The driver’s license reader captures the visitor’s name and photo automatically. And, if they don’t have a license, visitors just type their name and take a photo. The kiosk then sends the information to a printer, where a staff member issues the badge.

The eVisitorPass Kiosk comes in two models: Floor-Standing and Tabletop. Both versions include a one-year software subscription, a driver’s license reader, a Zebra direct thermal printer, and a supply of “one day” expiring visitor badges, which change color overnight to show they are void and can’t be reused, aiding in visitor management.

CEO Dan Hincks commented:

I love the cost-effectiveness of our Kiosks. In addition to easing congestion in your lobby, they make your labor force more efficient by reducing the staffing costs for guards and attendants. That’s a win-win!

The company introduced its Kiosks at the ASIS Global Security Exchange (GSX), one of the largest security shows in the world, in Las Vegas in September. For more information about the eVisitorPass Kiosk, visit the VPS website. Visitor Pass Solutions produces visitor management security badges, software, and sign-in books for hospitals, corporations, schools, and government agencies worldwide.