See how this receptionist software update incorporates many security features and compares visitors to external databases, while still serving as a visitor management system

by Brianna Crandall — May 25, 2018 — WinTech, a privately held technology company, just announced the release of its flagship ALICE Receptionist version 4x. The enhanced visitor management software introduces a number of security-related features that help organizations address the growing concerns surrounding employee safety, while providing automated processes that securely manage visitors who enter the buildings and offer them a variety of helpful resources.

According to WinTech, the award-winning ALICE Receptionist visitor management solution processed more than 250 million visitors through government, commercial and public buildings in 2017.

ALICE kiosk configuration

With motion detection technology, ALICE senses when a visitor has walked into its detection range and greets them (shown: kiosk configuration). Image courtesy WinTech.

The version 4x software update introduces advanced security features such as Fast Track check-in, driver’s license scanning and validation, and screening of visitors against various databases, such as the US Consolidated Screening List.

WinTech CEO Mike Yoder pointed out:

While previous editions of ALICE Receptionist included visitor check-in functionality, the 4x release introduces features that are a direct result of security concerns that managers of corporate and government buildings are struggling to address. ALICE Receptionist 4x allows organizations to implement a more rigorous visitor policy to automate the validation of the visitors and notify employees when a visitor who’s checking in is found on a specific screening database.

ALICE Receptionist is an advanced visitor management technology designed to effortlessly process visitors to buildings while helping keep employees safe from outside threats. Using leading-edge technology such as motion detection, ID Scanning, image capture, visitor screening, visitor registration, employee alerts, interactive information and voice and video over Internet protocol (IP) communications, ALICE Receptionist is helping companies and government agencies around the globe to engage visitors to their buildings.

ALICE screen with live chat option

A visitor can click on an employee card to be connected with the employee, who in turn can choose to connect in a two-way video call or audio chat. Image courtesy WinTech.

WinTech offers hardware solutions for ALICE Receptionist including wall-mounted displays for both small and medium-sized offices, kiosk units to draw attention in a lobby, and desktop touch screen systems for a receptionist desk or security desk in a lobby.

See the WinTech site for demo videos of the visitor management software enhancement.