If you have to touch up paint behind pipes or toilets or in other tight spaces, check out Wooster’s latest minirollers

by Brianna Crandall — November 23, 2018 — For decades, the Wooster Mini-Koter miniroller line has remained a good solution for painting in tight areas such as behind radiators, pipes, behind toilet tanks, or anywhere else a brush or full-size roller simply won’t reach. Recently, Wooster announced that its Mini-Koter miniroller line has a fresh new look and several new items.

4 packages of minirollers for painting in tight spaces

The Mini-Koter miniroller line enables painting in tight areas behind radiators, pipes, toilet tanks, or anywhere else a brush or full-size roller can’t reach. Image courtesy Wooster

The full Mini-Koter line now offers six different fabrics in both four- and six-inch sizes that are sold as bagged two-packs and clamshell 10-packs. The fabric choices include: Shed-Resistant (offered in both a 3/8- and 1/2-inch nap), High-Capacity, Microfiber, Mohair Blend, Foam, and High-Capacity Yarn.

There are also three miniroller frames available to complement the line. The professional Mini-Koter frame offers a full-size, polypropylene grip that is Sherlock GT compatible. The two standard Mini-Koter frames with plastic, threaded grips are offered in 12- and 19-inch lengths.

Therefore, no matter what the painting application goal is, there is a suitable frame and fabric combination to help painters of all skill levels achieve good results, says Wooster.

With all new packaging and a more complete product offering, Wooster’s relaunched Mini-Koter line offers an ideal value-priced, rod-based miniroller system. Ask for Wooster Mini-Koter minirollers at any traditional paint and decorating center, hardware store, paint sundry distributor or retailer.

For more about the Mini-Koter miniroller line or other Wooster painting tools, visit the Minirollers and Trimmers page on the Wooster Brush Company website.