FMLink Newsletter — February 25, 2019


Find out how flexible office space could improve your building’s value, in this CBRE report; also, trends for medical office buildings and warehouses (Surveys and Trends) NFMT 2019

Sustainable, resilient facilities: Part 1, Understanding your assets (Sustainability » FEA (Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.))

Beyond efficiency and costs — 15 benefits of green buildings on occupant health and performance (Products and Services » Publications)

Are office workers doing their part for a clean workplace? Find out in this UK survey (Surveys and Trends)


Happening this week

Feb 25 – Feb 26 : TechSec Solutions 2019

Posted this week

May 15 : World FM Day 2019

May 28 – May 30 : Building Lasting Change 2019 (CaGBC National Conference and Expo) (green buildings)


Validate your skills to employers with these new digital badges for IFMA credentials — at no extra cost (Associations and Organizations)

Bag of QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer

If your concrete is flaked or pitted, create a permanent wear-resistant surface with QUIKRETE’s new resurfacer (Building Products » Products and Services)

Need to identify individuals in crowded places? This “re-identification” technology promises accuracy as high as 90% — even from behind (Products and Services » Security)

Self-driving vehicles promise to add safety, mobility for this new $1.4 billion mixed-use development. Could your corporate, education or health-care campus benefit as well? (Contract Awards)

If you’re looking for FM services for your stadium, performing arts venue, arena or convention center, see what this AEG/SMG merger can do for you (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

If you have staff doing grounds maintenance or clearing snow, help them keep safely warm in this new heated jacket (Products and Services » Safety and Health)