FMLink Newsletter — Furnishings and Interiors — August 24, 2017

FMLink Newsletter — Furnishings and Interiors — August 24, 2017

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This newsletter covers furnishings and interiors news from July 20 through August 23, 2017.


ESI All-FlexGrand Central Terminal installs commercial hand dryers, resulting in major cost savings (Case Studies » Excel Dryer, Inc.)
Reduced labor, maintenance, waste and energy are the result of installing automatic hand dryers in Grand Central Terminal

Here’s what you need to know about dry steam vapor cleaning and disinfecting devices (Products and Services » Publications)


Interface LVT and carpet with glue-free installation backing

NeoCon 2017: If you want your luxury vinyl tiles to work together with carpet tiles and with a glue-free installation, see what Interface has developed (Carpeting and Flooring; Floor-care Equipment » Products and Services)

How do you feel about using paper towels versus hand dryers? See these survey results (Surveys and Trends)

Need to elevate your lighting or security cameras? Check out this 18’ collapsible light mast (Lighting » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2017: If you need to provide secure storage to employees who change workspaces frequently, check out GANTNER’s award-winning, smart networked locking system (Products and Services » Security)

Neocon 2017: Need to get an office up and running fast? See which benching system is easy to order, delivers quickly, and takes minutes to install (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

If you’re wondering how to move your data center with the least downtime, check this new service (Products and Services » Services)

Learn how HON’s new furniture additions provide the flexible, comfortable collaboration spaces workers seek (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Ever get lost in a hospital? Check out the mobile wayfinding app this health system uses to direct patients (Contract Awards)

If your restroom partitions get dents and need to be repainted frequently, see how this Big 12 university solved its problem (Contract Awards)

Keeping your floors clean and safe — proactive tips for summer floor care (Carpeting and Flooring; Floor-care Equipment » Products and Services)

See which turnstiles are tough enough to handle 2,000 people per hour (Contract Awards)

NeoCon 2017: If you need to add a quiet space for phone calls or brainstorming onto your open floor plan, check out this freestanding pod (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Looking for a quiet but powerful fan to dry out carpets, walls? Check out this new axial air-mover (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)