Find out how APPA is making Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) certification more accessible

by Brianna Crandall — April 5, 2019 — APPA, the organization for educational facilities professionals previously known as the Association of Physical Plant Administrators, recently announced a change to the qualification requirements for its Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential that positively aligns with the phase-out of the Educational Facilities Professional (EFP) certificate effective April 1, 2019. As of that date, individuals wishing to take the CEFP certification examination must now demonstrate a combined eight years of education and experience. Previously, a combined fifteen years of education and experience were required to take the exam.

John Morris, chair of the Certification Board, explained:

APPA’s Certification Board made these changes based on a substantive review of the trends in the educational facilities management industry concerning one’s ability to demonstrate their knowledge and achievement earlier in their career. Accordingly, we have recalibrated our qualifications and examination requirements to address this change.

As APPA makes the CEFP certification more accessible, the EFP certificate will be phased out effective April 1, 2019. Although the EFP certificate was designed as an entry-level certificate. APPA’s research has shown that most of those working toward a credential were earning the CEFP. “Earning the EFP should have been considered a first step. Now, we hope those EFP certificate holders will take the next step to full certification,” said Morris.

To help them achieve this milestone, APPA is offering EFP certificate holders one year to participate in the online prep course and/or take the CEFP examination at no cost.

Morris continued:

We are offering this significant benefit as part of our commitment to their professional development. An individual can certainly keep their EFP designation, but it will not carry the same value as the CEFP certification.

In addition to the education, experience, and examination requirements, the CEFP certification requires professionals to earn 120 APPA units of continuing education every four years demonstrating acquisition of new and relevant knowledge.

Earning the CEFP certification from APPA is one way facilities professionals can distinguish themselves in their career. Moreover, it carries significant benefits for the employer, points out APPA.

Morris concluded:

When an employee demonstrates his or her competence and professionalism through the CEFP, an institution can expect that an APPA certificant will leverage that knowledge and expertise to transform their institution into an inviting and supportive learning environment and in turn, elevate the value and recognition of the facilities profession.

To find out more information about the CEFP credential and to see how you can qualify, visit the APPA Credentialing Testing Options webpage.