Can a floor do more? Find out why Ecore says “yes” with its noise-reducing, energy-restoring performance surfaces

by Brianna Crandall — December 18, 2017 — Ecore International, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into performance surfaces engineered to make people’s lives better through more ergonomic surfaces designed to restore energy, announced that its Ecore Commercial product collection formerly known as Tru has been renamed Rx and now features new products, colors and patterns.

Ecore Forest Rx in a health-care setting

Forest Rx features Ecore’s recycled rubber backing fusion-bonded to Polyflor’s heterogeneous vinyl, creating a low-cost, polish-free surface that reduces the risk of falls and offers sound control and comfort underfoot.

Aiming to create floors that go beyond current expectations, Ecore says it engineers performance well beyond industry standards related to acoustics, ergonomics, and safety. Harvesting a myriad of waste streams, Ecore creates dynamic surfaces catered to the individual and the application. Ecore serves the athletic, fitness, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, multifamily, education, and public space markets.

Bo Barber, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Ecore, stated:

Every product in the Rx Collection features premium surfaces that are unique, because they offer a prescription for more. With any Rx product, you will experience a floor that is more quiet, more ergonomic and more safe. Leveraging Ecore’s patented “itstru” technology, every Rx surface provides force reduction and energy restitution.

The Rx Collection includes these surfaces: Forest Rx, Strait Rx, Cosmos Rx, Infinity Rx and Galaxy Rx.

The original product in the collection, Forest Rx, now features six original wood grain patterns and five new patterns. Terrain Rx was renamed Strait Rx and includes six modern finishes that look like linen.

In addition, two brand new products were added to the line: Cosmos Rx, which includes six solid colors with subtle highlights that add depth and movement, and Infinity Rx, which features six linear patterns.

All four of these products feature vinyl surfaces fusion-bonded to a performance backing. The result: all of these surfaces work together beautifully to achieve creative designer effects, says Ecore.

The fifth product in the Rx Collection, Galaxy Rx, is a virgin rubber surface fusion bonded to a performance backing. Galaxy Rx remains unchanged and features 12 solid, soothing colors.

To learn more about Ecore Commercial’s Rx Collection, visit the company’s Web site.