Take a look at this CMMS app — now available free — enabling staff to manage their maintenance work better

by Brianna Crandall — October 6, 2017 — Since launching its namesake computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) over two years ago, software provider UpKeep says it has helped over 50,000 maintenance technicians in a wide variety of industries streamline their workflow. And now the company has announced a free version of the mobile app as well as a version of UpKeep geared towards enterprises.

Free UpKeep app

When UpKeep founder and CEO Ryan Chan was asked why the change had been made, Chan responded that it was “because of impact.” Chan said that the company’s mission “has always been to empower the technician, their manager, and the entire maintenance team to improve and be better.”

Chan said that they noticed by having a pay wall on UpKeep, it prevented too many of their end-users from driving change in their organizations even though they strived for it. Chan pointed out that there was red tape in the organizations that made it difficult to improve processes if you didn’t control a title. And too often, their end-users were forced to use a system that was handed down from upper managers that actually made their daily work routine more difficult.

The UpKeep team recognized a cycle and wanted to offer the maintenance management app for free to break the loop. With UpKeep’s free version, anyone will now be able to implement UpKeep and provide value to their business whether they control the budget or not, says the company.

UpKeep for Enterprise

Bundled in with this week’s announcement of the free UpKeep version, the company is also rolling out an additional product line geared towards larger businesses called “UpKeep for Enterprise.” This new product tier allows enterprises to connect multiple facilities into a single UpKeep dashboard to give directors a high-level overview of multiple facilities at once.

UpKeep is a mobile-first solution for maintenance management built for technicians and managers. It allows workers to snap a picture of a broken piece of equipment, create a work order, and send it off to the maintenance department for repair — all from a mobile device. The software has over 50,000 users who have realized the power of UpKeep. Find out more on the company’s Web site.