Help employees quickly and safely respond to accidents and spills involving bodily fluids with this new kit from PURELL and

by Brianna Crandall — August 29, 2018 — GOJO, the maker of PURELL Hand Sanitizer products and other hygiene solutions used worldwide, and customized spill response kit provider have just introduced the PURELL Body Fluid Spill Kit, a complete, single-use solution designed to allow foodservice and custodial employees to quickly, easily and safely respond to accidents and spills involving bodily fluids.

Whether in a corporate, hospital or education cafeteria, restaurant or other commercial foodservice facility, one episode of vomit, blood or diarrhea spill can introduce pathogens that can threaten workers and patrons for weeks and even months to come — and bring unwanted negative publicity, points out These spill response kits come in a wall-mountable case for easy access and offer “head-to-toe” coverage and easy-to-follow bilingual instructions to keep employees safe when seconds count.

Clear case containing spill response items

The single-use response kit enables foodservice and custodial employees to respond to accidents and spills involving bodily fluids quickly and safely. Image courtesy GOJO

Diane Collins, foodservice market development director, GOJO, stated:

Proactive planning is key to a strong food safety program, and the new PURELL Body Fluid Spill Kit helps ensure you are ready for unexpected events. This food safety response kit contains a comprehensive set of components that work together to prevent cross contamination over multiple events protecting both guests and workers from possible foodborne illness outbreaks. These products deliver quick and powerful germ kill with PURELL PEACE OF MIND.

The core of each single-use kit is an 8-oz. bottle of PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer, said to contain no harsh fumes or chemicals. The product offers rapid kill times, including killing norovirus, E. coli and salmonella in 30 seconds, and multi-surface performance with no rinse required on food contact surfaces, says GOJO.

Other components include:

  • PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Single Use
  • Absorbent Blend with Deodorizer
  • Head-to-toe personal protection kit
  • Three medical-grade absorbent towels
  • Large trash bag and tie
  • Bilingual instruction guide and training video
  • Heavy-duty, hand-held scraper and mop
  • Spill collection system

According to Owen Griffin, business development manager,

Today, most state and local health departments require foodservice establishments to have procedures for employees to follow when responding to vomit and diarrhea spills. The PURELL Body Fluid Spill Kit helps foodservice establishments ensure they are compliant with state and local health department requirements, while also helping to protect against foodborne illness outbreaks.

For more specifics about the bodily fluids spill response kit and additional PURELL foodservice solutions, visit the GOJO website. See also the website for additional kits.