Find out how video analytics with facial recognition can boost your existing security system and take pressure off your security team

by Brianna Crandall — August 21, 2019 — IDEMIA, a global provider of “augmented identity,” recently launched a video analytics application enhancing security in public and private places.

Augmented Vision supports security officers in identifying persons of interest in real time and helps speed up post-event investigations. This latest cutting-edge technology from IDEMIA is designed to enhance security in transport hubs (airports, stations, etc.), stadiums and arenas, gaming and entertainment sites, and retail and commercial buildings that face growing security challenges.

Video image of IDEMA's Augmented Vision video analytics solution identifying people on a moving sidewalk

Commercial off-the-shelf real-time video analytics solution Augmented Vision enables security teams to focus on what really matters: acting when needed. Image courtesy IDEMIA. Click image to enlarge.

The commercial off-the-shelf real-time video analytics application is based on IDEMIA’s long-standing expertise in deep learning and biometrics for video and image analysis including IDEMIA’s facial recognition technology: a longstanding best-in-class combination of efficiency, scalability and accuracy for facial recognition as evidenced by IDEMIA’s leading position in the most recent NIST benchmarks, points out the company.

Augmented Vision can be easily integrated into any infrastructure, for example into an existing video management solution, or an access control system:

  • Video analytics — with live video feeds from standard CCTV cameras located in public or private areas, IDEMIA helps enhance security through a direct alert if a known, vulnerable, missing or any person of interest is detected. The alert functionalities will also significantly reduce time needed for video and image analysis during post-event investigations.
  • Access control — if a person of interest tries to enter an unauthorized area, the security system can automatically deny access. Identifying a number of people can also be used to grant access, for example by allowing employees or VIPs to enter certain secure areas.

IDEMIA says the solution helps take the stress off security teams and enables them to focus on what really matters: acting when and where needed, instead of simply monitoring screens. Augmented Vision offers ease of implementation by using everyday off-the-shelf hardware, including IP cameras, networks, servers, and where possible, existing infrastructure.

Augmented Vision also offers ease of integration: using Open API standards, solution providers can easily integrate it with other systems that manage videos, customer relationships and security, including access control. And the easy-to-use interface delivers the needs of the customer at the touch of a button, enabling use without any complex processes or time-consuming training sessions, says the company.

Key differentiators of Augmented Vision include:

  • Fast, accurate real-time live operations
  • Multiple video analytics algorithms in one package: face, silhouette, vehicles, number plate, objects
  • High-accuracy biometric pedigree with a NIST-tested (FIVE 2017) real-time facial recognition.

Philippe Barreau, IDEMIA executive vice president of the Public Security & Identity business unit, explained:

Augmented Vision leverages all of IDEMIA’s latest technologies to offer a complete and accurate solution based on our leadership in biometric capture and analysis as well as real-time video data analysis. With this new analytics application, we enhance security [and] increase throughput while improving user experience.

Yves Portalier executive vice president of the Connected Objects business unit, stated:

With Augmented Vision, we give our Partners the capability to capitalize upon existing video surveillance infrastructures with biometric access control. It paves the way for our next facial recognition-based innovations for access control and time & attendance applications.

IDEMIA showcased Augmented Vision at this summer’s IFSEC International in London, using real-life scenarios for an immersive experience.

Biometrics provider IDEMIA develops products and solutions in accordance with the Privacy by Design and by Default principles. IDEMIA says it is strongly committed to helping protect and secure citizens’ and consumers’ privacy with the highest possible level of data protection for identity verification and authentication technologies.

For more information about Augmented Vision, visit the IDEMIA website. IDEMIA NOTES: *The use of Augmented Vision is subject to the conditions of local applicable law; IDEMIA recommends that its clients ensure national laws allow for its use and deployment locally. With 13,000 employees around the world, France-based IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries.