Manage your building’s daylight exposure with this automated shade system — even remotely, and with self-diagnostics

by Brianna Crandall — March 11, 2019 — Mecho, a global provider of commercial window shades and controls, has just introduced SolarTrac 4.0, a software-based automated window shading control system designed to maximize occupant and building performance through precise daylight management.

Mecho SolarTrac 4.0 window shades in an office space

Software-based SolarTrac 4.0 automatically raises and lowers window shades to manage natural daylight coming into a room, building or whole campus. Image courtesy Mecho

The patented SolarTrac 4.0 merges the science of predictive algorithms with real-time weather conditions to provide a scalable solution with precise and predictive performance for control that ranges from single-floor control to individual commercial buildings to an entire campus.

These technologies enable SolarTrac 4.0 to raise or lower window shades to maximize natural daylight coming into a building, increase energy efficiency (by reducing solar heat gain), enhance occupant comfort and performance (by alleviating solar glare), improve building energy management, and maintain aesthetics — all while preserving valuable views to the outside.

SolarTrac 4.0 uses ASHRAE models and three roof-mounted radiometers to incorporate the sun’s precise position based on date, time, building GPS location, and glass façade orientation — as well as shadows and reflection caused by surrounding buildings — to raise or lower window shades to harvest the maximum amount of daylight.

SolarTrac 4.0 is software-based, allowing it to be managed by multiple users on-site or even remotely, and is reportedly the first on the market to include self-diagnostics.

For more information about Mecho’s automated controls, and more details about the new features of SolarTrac 4.0 visit the company’s website. Since 1969, Mecho says it has helped bring design visions to life, thriving in hard-to-solve design and technical challenges. Mecho embraces projects that call for non-rectangular, sloping, high, wide, difficult-to-access, and other non-standard windows.