See which building surveying software the City of Nampa chose to help manage its space and facilities more efficiently

by Brianna Crandall — February 8, 2019 — Accruent, a worldwide provider of physical resource management solutions, just announced that the City of Nampa, Idaho, has selected Kykloud, Accruent’s building surveying software, to collect data for a space planning project that encompasses many departments around the city.

Kykloud has been used to assess over 1 billion square feet and has saved more than 1.2 million surveying hours, which helped the City of Nampa make its selection.

Brian Foster, facilities management (FM) superintendent for the City of Nampa, remarked:

Prior to the selection of Kykloud, we would have collected metrics manually via spreadsheets. Now with Accruent’s software, we can speed up the data collection process and produce professional reports to help us manage our space and facilities more efficiently.

Accruent’s building surveying software allows surveyors to go on-site, capture data from a predetermined survey template on their iPad (to ensure consistency of data collection), and save photos with the relevant information automatically. Then, at the touch of a button, the surveyor can generate a report from the data and photos.

Technology like Accruent’s allows surveyors to pull data from built assets quickly and easily, turning this data into meaningful management information. The company’s building surveying software is used around the globe to help professionals understand and manage their property portfolios more efficiently and ensure that capital planning decisions are based on accurate data.

The capabilities of the Kykloud building survey mobile application are delivered using a combination of iPad and cloud technology. For a profession focused on accuracy and speed of reporting, the technology allows customized building surveys to be delivered directly to a team in the field and for all data to be uploaded securely and efficiently.

John Borgerding, CEO Accruent, noted:

Many public entities are experiencing growth right now and are providing more services. Accruent’s building surveying software allows for more granular capabilities across multiple assets and locations to help find more space for these growing organizations.

For more information, including screenshots and a brochure, or to request a demo, visit the Kykloud product page on the Accruent website.