Ready for winter? Toro’s new power broom mower attachment can clear snow and debris down to the pavement

by Brianna Crandall — September 8, 2017 — Adding to the versatility of the Toro GrandStand MULTI FORCE stand-on mower, worldwide outdoor equipment provider Toro is introducing a power broom attachment for multi-season use. The power broom is designed for clearing snow off sidewalks and driveways, as well as clearing debris or dethatching grass.

The 55-inch-wide power broom attaches to the award-winning GrandStand MULTI FORCE stand-on mower. It is engineered to clear snow down to the pavement, especially for properties that require zero snow accumulation. The power broom is the latest addition to the line of MULTI FORCE attachments, which includes a five-foot BOSS snow plow and an EZ-VAC Powered Bagger.

Man drdiving Toro stand-on mower with power broom attachment

Toro’s new multi-season power broom mower attachment is designed for clearing snow off sidewalks and driveways, clearing debris and dethatching grass.

The GrandStand MULTI FORCE product line features two models that come standard with the TURBO FORCE cutting deck, as well as a snow-only model without the cutting deck. All models feature a powerful Kohler Command PRO EFI engine as well as a pump and wheel motor transmission. The GrandStand MULTI FORCE is also equipped with a Power Arm with a two-inch-square receiver for connecting attachments.

Chris Hannan, Toro senior marketing manager, explains:

The new power broom helps contractors be more productive and gives them more options to tackle winter storms. They now can choose between either a snow plow or a power broom, depending on the type of weather system that comes through or the type of property they maintain.

Multi-season flexibility is created with enhanced hydraulics and a patent-pending movable front caster design, allowing for optimal machine balance and power transfer for each productivity-enhancing attachment.

For more information about the new power broom attachment, visit Toro’s GrandStand MULTI FORCE stand-on mower Web page or contact your local Toro dealer.