“Turnstone’s Crushed Can is a stool, a table, a headrest, whatever”

Turnstone calls its new Crushed Can an alternative posturing solution that reflects the casual, relaxed work culture of companies representing the new economy. It is a hybrid of a seat, a table, and a writing surface appealing to high-tech and emerging growth businesses as well as the consumer market. Crushed Can is designed to be soft on its sides, but to stay firm when used as a stool. Both ends employ a durable black vinyl that is soft on one side for seating, and hard on the other for use as a writing surface or laptop computer platform. It is available in three different heights: 20, 24, and 28 inches, and it can be upholstered with a variety of materials.

“Crushed Can was designed to break the rules of the traditional workspace,” said Alan Rheault, Manager of Industrial Design for Turnstone, a Steelcase company, “but its appeal lies in the fact that anyone can use it for anything—as a stool, a table top, an ottoman, a headrest, or anything else. It is much more casual than an ordinary chair. You can pick it up and flip it around, and people have fun with it. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously.”

The idea for Crushed Can was generated by Rob Scheper, a Steelcase designer, George Simons of IDEO, and Rheault, as part of a project addressing alternative posturing. Alternative posturing is gaining popularity in the workplace as job definitions continue to change and as more studies link the look and feel of the workplace to employee productivity and retention. For more information, visit turnstonefurniture.com.
Reported from World Workspace 2000.