Make it easier to manage your scheduled maintenance tasks with this software-as-a-service update from Urgent Technology

by Brianna Crandall — December 1, 2017 — Demonstrating its commitment to customers in the facilities maintenance and asset management market, Urgent Technology just announced a new release of its enterprise software, eMaintenance+.

The version 9.0 release includes extended scheduled maintenance capabilities, a new asset inspections feature, and an enhanced mobile application with deeper functionality and an improved user experience.

Screenshot maintenance software with graphs

With its simple drag-and-drop functionality, the eMaintenance+ software is designed to be instantly understandable, and can be reconfigured in minutes. Photo courtesy Urgent Technology

eMaintenance+ is a comprehensive facilities maintenance and asset management application, delivered through a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The company says it is a powerful business efficiency tool, designed to promote facilities maintenance best practice within an organization.

The software is currently used to manage over 30,000 sites across 27 countries worldwide.

Scheduled maintenance module

According to Urgent Technology, the new scheduled maintenance module represents a significant upgrade for eMaintenance+ customers.

The module is designed to simplify the management of ongoing maintenance schedules for a changing property portfolio and reduce the administrative burden on facilities managers (FMs) to maintain scheduled maintenance templates.

eMaintenance+ customers can use the new module to create their own scheduled maintenance standards, often based on industry standards such as SFG20.

This module delivers many new features and reportedly some first-to-market features, including:

  • Scheduled tasks can be created against a single asset or a group of assets.
  • Assets can be added or removed from an asset group during the lifecycle of a scheduled task and the task updated automatically.
  • Instruction sets can be created which include multiple instructions to be acted on at different frequencies.
  • A single scheduled maintenance template can be applied to multiple sites. This feature is particularly beneficial for scheduled tasks that are common to a portfolio of sites or locations.
  • Reactive tasks can be raised and linked to scheduled tasks. This is a compliance feature which ensures remedial work is carried out before scheduled tasks can be marked as complete.
  • Inspections of assets or components of assets that are subject to regulation, such as fire extinguishers or smoke detectors, can be recorded within the module. A digital audit trail of all inspections and results is collated within eMaintenance+.

Urgent Technology’s unique single-platform, multi-tenant architecture also accommodates multiple standards for different countries, bringing further benefits to customers with an international footprint.

eMaintenance+ Mobile

The eMaintenance+ Mobile application has been rebuilt on a future-proof platform and is now compatible with new technologies such as fingerprint authentication.

eMaintenance+ Mobile gives users on-the-move access to core eMaintenance+ functions, including reactive task management, and with this release, access to the new scheduled maintenance task features.

eMaintenance+ Mobile empowers service contractors with the ability to manage multiple client accounts through a single instance of the application.

Jesse Klebba, CEO, Urgent Technology, remarked:

This latest software release demonstrates our commitment to our product roadmap and to acting on customer feedback. eMaintenance+ is feature rich, but we have developed it to be easy to use and adopt so that Urgent Technology customers see the return on their investment in a short timeframe.  We are always looking to enhance eMaintenance+, helping our customers drive continuous operational improvement within their businesses and realize time and cost savings.


eMaintenance+ v9.0 is immediately available to all Urgent Technology eMaintenance+ customers at no additional cost.