Now you can upgrade to an IP-based security video management system but keep your analog cameras and cables

by Brianna Crandall — November 6, 2017 — Vicon Industries, a designer and producer of security surveillance solutions, has just introduced a video encoder that allows companies to benefit from an up-to-date video management system (VMS) without having to upgrade their legacy analog security camera systems — with the option of replacing cameras one at a time as needed or as the funds are available.

Long black video encoder

Vicon’s Valerus 16-channel H.264 video encoder model converts analog camera inputs into streamed IP video data.

The Valerus 16-channel H.264 video encoder model converts analog security camera inputs into streamed IP (Internet protocol) video data. The encoder incorporates high-quality H.264 video and audio encoding and compression technology and is specifically designed to support 960H, AHD and TVI analog cameras.

The ENC-H264-16 encoder enables the creation of hybrid systems, as it simplifies the migration to network video without upgrading existing analog security camera systems. The encoder network-enables existing analog cameras and creates an IP-based system, allowing integration with Vicon’s Valerus Video Management System (VMS). Customers benefit from leveraging the latest VMS technology while maintaining their legacy investments in cameras and cabling, says Vicon.

This cost-effective, 16-channel video encoder supports all types of analog cameras including PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) domes with full control over RS485. The H.264 video compression format drastically reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.

Advanced features such as museum search, which permits users to conduct quick analysis of recorded events, as well as dynamic load balancing and automatic detection, are provided when the device is used as part of a Valerus Video Management System (VMS). The encoder device is easy to install and configure within Valerus by using an exclusive setup utility that enables quick assignment of an IP address, says the company.

By upgrading to an IP-based system with Vicon’s video encoder, customers gain increased flexibility in camera management while utilizing existing cameras and cabling. The IP-based system allows cameras to be added one at a time, which ensures customers can future-proof their investment and continue to add the latest security technology without overhauling the system’s infrastructure.

More information about the 16-Channel Valerus Encoder H.264 is available on the Vicon Web site, along with information about the company’s other mission-critical security surveillance systems.