Connect your field-service techs to remote experts through Trimble’s mobile AR tool, with real-time video, audio and spatial annotations

by Brianna Crandall — May 08, 2019 — US-based global technology provider Trimble recently announced the launch of Trimble PULSE Remote Expert, an augmented reality (AR) tool that improves the productivity of field-service technicians by connecting them with support experts via video, audio and spatial annotations in real time.

The AR tool provides remotely located users with a shared, live view using the camera on a smart phone. Both users can add digital annotations, such as text or drawings, directly to the live view by accessing a simple menu displayed on the smartphone screen. Digital annotations can be especially helpful when trying to communicate complex information remotely, or if either user is working in a loud environment, points out Trimble.

Trimble PULSE Remote Expert screenshot on a smartphone, with annotations

Trimble PULSE Remote Expert provides remotely located users with a shared, live view using the camera on a smart phone. Both users can add text or drawings directly to the live view. Image courtesy Trimble

Trimble PULSE Remote Expert enables businesses across a range of industries, including facilities management (FM), construction, agriculture, telecommunications and utilities, to rapidly connect remote experts with technicians in the field. It is a simple and powerful application for technicians who require real-time assistance when facing complex or unfamiliar situations, and ultimately helps to improve first-time fix rates, technician productivity, and the overall customer service experience.

John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division, remarked:

Many organizations are looking for new and improved ways of connecting their field workers. An aging workforce and skill shortages are adding complexity to the service workflow, and organizations are looking for innovative ways to address the challenges.

Key benefits of Trimble PULSE Remote Expert include:

  • Live, remote connection between a field technician and a support expert to conduct maintenance and repairs, eliminating dependency on paper manuals
  • Quicker completion of time-critical jobs by collecting key information directly from the customer in the field, in real time
  • Increased collaboration and knowledge sharing across the workforce with the option to capture, record and replay information or support sessions on command

Trimble PULSE Remote Expert is a standalone mobile application for iOS. It requires wireless Internet connectivity and an ARKit-capable iPhone or iPad device with iOS version 12 and above. Visit the Trimble website to learn more and request a personalized product demonstration. The app is available at no cost from the Apple App Store.